Cape Coral Estate Planning Lawyers

Cape Coral Estate Planning Attorneys

Advice as to the basic building blocks of any thoroughly thought-out, well-written estate plan: the will or trust that transfers your property at death; the power of attorney that helps in transfers of property and health care decisions during your lifetime; a living will to help you avoid the cost and family strife that results when a person is in a persistent vegetative state; and the health care surrogate designation that identifies the person who will make your health care decisions if you become unable to do so.

Estate Planning and Guardianship

If you or your spouse passes away, the impact on surviving family members can be significant from both an emotional and financial perspective. The peace of mind an estate plan can provide is immeasurable. A comprehensive estate plan can secure assets for your family, facilitate the probate process and establish guardianships for your children. In addition, should an accident or illness leave you disabled, a living will or health care proxy can make end-of-life decisions much less difficult for your family. Whether you are starting a family or wish to ensure your spouse, children, and grandchildren will receive the support they need, an estate plan is an effective means of addressing important legal and financial matters that will directly impact your family.

Should a legal guardianship ever be required for a loved one, the attorneys at Burandt, Adamski & Feichthaler assist clients with all matters relating to the guardianship.

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