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March 2019 Archives

Litigation targeting a new business

Business lawsuits can spell disaster for any company, regardless of the industry or the size of the business. Moreover, these lawsuits can be especially challenging for recently-formed businesses for a variety of reasons. If you recently launched a business and are facing a lawsuit, it is imperative to understand all of the options you have and take every measure to prevent litigation from destroying what you have worked so hard to set up. Unfortunately, the consequences of litigation have been so severe in some instances that business owners have had to shut their doors following legal action.

Do you need to fund a trust for your pets?

People who feel comfortable that they have tended to all of their estate-planning needs sometimes forget to make provisions for their companion animals. What will happen to Fido or Fluffy should you die before they do? Will a friend or relative step in and care for them or will they wind up in a shelter, heartbroken and confused, or be euthanized?

Probate disputes and beneficiary rights

After a loved one passes on, various challenges surrounding their estate may arise, which can make daily life especially tough for those who are already struggling with the loss of someone they love dearly. Sadly, probate disputes are not uncommon and they can wreak havoc on an entire family. These disputes surface for various reasons, but some disputes are centered around a beneficiary not receiving assets that they were entitled to. If you believe that your rightful inheritance was kept from you, it is pivotal to examine all of the legal options you may have.

Do adults who don't have a spouse or kids need an estate plan?

Adults who don't have children or a spouse might think that they don't need to have an estate plan, but this isn't the case. Instead, they need to think carefully about what is going to happen to their assets when they pass away. They also need to consider how they want their affairs handled if they are incapacitated and can't make decisions on their own.

Intestate succession in Florida

Many often come to us here at Burandt Adamski Feichthaler & Sanchez PLLC questioning what would happen if they were to die without a will. If you are like many of them, you may assume that your heirs would be given the right to decide amongst themselves how to divide up your assets. Yet this could introduce the potential for serious discord. Thus, the state has set up guidelines that dictate what happens with your estate if you die intestate (without a will). 

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