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How usury laws can affect business owners in Florida

Floridians often think of usury laws from the point of everyday consumers. However, everyday consumers own businesses too. To operate and grow that business, the owner may need a business loan, auto loan or other short-term loans to fill gaps caused by late payments or low inventory turnover. Because of this, usury laws can affect businesses too.

What are some ways antitrust laws affect small businesses?

Florida is home to some of the most competitive small businesses in the south. While antitrust laws typically involve larger businesses, such as multinational corporations, it is important to remember that small businesses are not immune to allegations of anti-competitive prices. This may happen when companies collude with competitors to fix the price against consumers, or when competitors engage in underhanded activities to undermine each other.

Litigation targeting a new business

Business lawsuits can spell disaster for any company, regardless of the industry or the size of the business. Moreover, these lawsuits can be especially challenging for recently-formed businesses for a variety of reasons. If you recently launched a business and are facing a lawsuit, it is imperative to understand all of the options you have and take every measure to prevent litigation from destroying what you have worked so hard to set up. Unfortunately, the consequences of litigation have been so severe in some instances that business owners have had to shut their doors following legal action.

How can I prevent possible conflicts over an NDA?

A smart non-disclosure agreement (NDA) safeguards your business secrets and makes sure other parties cannot use them to unfairly compete against you. However, not every NDA may prevent conflict. Your Florida employees might have issues with how the agreement is composed and could ignore or contest the provisions later on. Here are some things you as a business owner should watch for in composing an NDA.

Getting ready for a business lawsuit

For someone who owns a business, there are times when daily life can be especially stressful. Aside from seasonal changes that are to be expected and other problems that can be foreseen, business owners also have to deal with unexpected challenges from time to time. For example, a business owner may find themselves in a tough spot after their company is taken to court unexpectedly. As a result, it is pivotal to prepare for litigation in every way and try to develop a better understanding of the approach that you will take.

When a staff member takes legal action

In a post that was recently posted on our blog, we went over some of the consequences of business lawsuits. These potential challenges should not be ignored if you are facing litigation, and there may be other unique considerations that apply to a lawsuit you are facing as a business owner. For example, one of your staff members may have decided to file suit against your company and you may have no idea of how to handle the situation. As with other business lawsuits, these cases can also have serious repercussions and it is pivotal to prepare yourself.

Going over some consequences of business litigation

Owning a business can be incredibly profitable and open up many new opportunities, but it can also be tough. In Cape Coral and around the state of Florida, business owners may have to work through many different challenges each day. From issues with clients and partners to problems with employees, there are many hurdles business owners have to deal with and this is especially true when it comes to litigation. If your business is being taken to court for any reason, it is vital to have a good understanding of your options and be aware of some of the consequences that may come with an unsuccessful outcome.

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