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Using contracts to protect assets in real estate

The real estate industry in Florida is constantly experiencing ebbs and flows of productivity and can be a thrilling resource to invest in. Outside of real estate investments, there are people who engage in transactions simply to buy or purchase a property for their family to live on. Regardless of a person's reason for becoming involved in real estate, contracts play a critical role in protecting both the buyer and the seller. 

Florida build-to-rent housing market is skyrocketing

The real estate market has taken a few hits in the past few years. First, millennials entered adulthood with less interest in and ability to purchase homes as preceding generations. Then, interest rates went up, followed by an increase in prices and a cooling off period for buyers of all ages. However, there is a new reason to reconsider real estate investments in Florida.

Tips for investing in Florida real estate

According to Forbes, Florida is an investor’s dream. The migration of snowbirds, retirees and foreign entrepreneurs cause continual shifts in home prices. The recession remains one of the main factors that ever affected the home prices in Florida. Home prices more than doubled before the recession, but then dropped to 60% afterward. Since then, home prices have begun a steep climb yet again.

How can I avoid foreclosure scams?

When faced with foreclosure, it's natural to want to do everything in your power to prevent it from happening. This leads to many well-meaning people to fall prey to foreclosure scams, which promise homeowners help that never actually materializes. Being able to identify these scams is a must to prevent you from throwing your money away. In this case, PennyMac offers the following advice. 

Should you accept a prelisting home inspection?

If you are looking to buy your next house in a Cape Coral neighborhood, you will likely be searching for any strong selling point to recommend a home. Some buyers are attracted by prelisting inspections since they lessen the chances that something wrong will turn up with the house after the sale. Still, not all Florida buyers automatically accept a prelisting inspection on its face.

Handling a real estate dispute

When it comes to real estate sales, various challenges may arise. For example, people may have little experience with real estate transactions, whether they are selling commercial property for the first time or have never sold residential real estate before. Moreover, these transactions can result in disagreements for a myriad of reasons, and it is pivotal to handle a real estate dispute correctly. After all. there may be much at stake and you could be significantly impacted by the outcome of such a dispute. In Cape Coral, and across the state of Florida, individuals and business owners involved in a disagreement over real estate transactions should carefully examine all their options.

Tips for new home buyers

If you’re buying a home for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the process. While there is an abundance of quality real estate in Florida, you want to make sure that you take the proper steps for what is bound to be the most valuable investment in your life. The following tips can help you prepare, while also allowing you to avoid any potential issues.

What is zoning?

When dealing with real estate in Florida, one concept you likely will run into is zoning. According to Property Metrics, zoning is the act of assigning areas of land o permitted uses. For example, authorities may assign a piece of land or an area of a specific county as residential. This means builder may build homes here, but businesses and agriculture may not be in this area. Some zoning may allow for mixed use. You may have seen such areas where residential homes and businesses are side by side.

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