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As a concerned citizen who is thinking about running for political office, you have a vision for your community. But before you can see your vision realized, you first have to get elected. That’s a tall order, given voter apathy and competition from other candidates who have dreams of public office too.

Eric P. Feichthaler can help. As a former mayor of Cape Coral, Eric P. Feichthaler has valuable experience running political campaigns. He also has a wealth of information concerning key issues in municipal governance, including growth planning, municipal financing, taxation and transportation. This knowledge and experience can provide you with a vital edge in your campaign.

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Consulting Services For Florida Political Candidates

Eric P. Feichthaler can provide cogent advice concerning all aspects of campaign management, including:

  • Overall campaign strategy
  • Positioning relative to competing candidates
  • Consulting services concerning key issues in municipal and state government
  • Campaign financing, record keeping and compliance
  • Advertising and public relations efforts
  • Leveraging limited campaign funds through the use of social media
  • Recruitment and motivation of campaign volunteers
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts
  • Other campaign management issues

Are You A Prospective Florida Political Candidate?

Attorney Eric P. Feichthaler can help in many ways. In addition to consulting services regarding the practical aspects of running for office, Eric P. Feichthaler can also advise candidates with advice regarding key issues in state and local government. Eric can share his knowledge and insights concerning issues that will almost certainly be raised in a local campaign, including growth planning, zoning, land use, transportation, recreation facilities and other aspects of municipal governance.

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