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Probate disputes and beneficiary rights

After a loved one passes on, various challenges surrounding their estate may arise, which can make daily life especially tough for those who are already struggling with the loss of someone they love dearly. Sadly, probate disputes are not uncommon and they can wreak havoc on an entire family. These disputes surface for various reasons, but some disputes are centered around a beneficiary not receiving assets that they were entitled to. If you believe that your rightful inheritance was kept from you, it is pivotal to examine all of the legal options you may have.

Unfortunately, many beneficiaries have had their rights violated during the probate process, often at the hands of another relative. For example, a beneficiary’s brother or sister may be in charge of managing an estate, and they may intentionally withhold assets. Or, someone who was married to a loved one that passed away may purposely ignore their responsibilities and fail to distribute assets properly. This can be an incredibly confusing and emotional time for those whose rights as a beneficiary have been violated, and people subjected to this mistreatment should not remain silent.

Sometimes, beneficiaries are unaware of their legal rights or think that they do not have a voice. Moreover, it is not uncommon for some to struggle with intense emotions and high levels of stress, which may keep them from standing up for their legal rights. Our law office believes that this is never acceptable and that the legal rights of beneficiaries should be protected.

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