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Digital asset estate plans are essential parts of estate planning

Florida residents who do everything in their power to take care of things properly when it comes to estate planning may be surprised to find out that there is one area that they may not have thought of. They may have covered all of the usual parts of estate planning, like making sure that inheritances were properly divided up, passing on real estate to heirs, and other key issues that are associated with putting together an estate plan. One thing that they may not have thought about is putting together an estate plan for their digital assets.

Why is it important to put together an estate plan for digital assets?

Digital assets are part of everyday life. They cover everything from content that’s created online to subscription services to financial accounts. Many people assume that once they pass away, their heirs or the executors of their estates will simply be able to contact their online providers and get access to their accounts.

While many states do have laws in place that allow executors and heirs to access to many digital assets, those laws don’t always cover every type of digital asset. Major companies like Google and Facebook have very strict policies when it comes to providing access to someone’s digital and online presence.

Failure to make sure that their heirs have access to digital assets can cause major problems down the road. There may be key information located in those assets, and the heirs would have no way to access it. In order to prevent this from happening, people may decide to work with estate planning attorneys to set up a digital asset estate plan.

How can someone go about setting up a digital asset estate plan?

People who are interested in setting up digital asset estate plans may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience putting together all types of estate plans. Their attorneys can help them with all of the legal requirements necessary for the states where they reside.

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