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What are common seller issues that lead to real estate lawsuits?

When you’re selling a home in Florida, there are many issues that can develop due to problems that arise, which can cause you to become sued. Some of the top seller errors include failing to disclose all property problems in the past and failing to remain transparent to potential buyers. Some defects that need to be disclosed include termite damage, water damage, and foundation issues.

Failing to disclose neighborhood issues, covering up property problems, and giving false information to buyers can also lead to lawsuits in the future. It’s important to leave all the communication with your real estate agent and avoid having any contact with the buyer to avoid making any mistakes that can increase your risk of getting sued in the future.

How to avoid common seller issues

If you want to avoid lawsuits as a seller, it’s important to disclose all details about the property and put it in writing to prove that you communicated everything to the buyer before you sold the property. You also want to avoid failing to disclose material facts, which include termite damage, roof leaks, and air conditioning issues.

You also want to avoid making a disclosure mistake by reading through everything carefully. Hiring a legal professional can also allow you to obtain assistance to avoid real estate mistakes and have your questions answered.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need help selling your home and avoiding lawsuits, contact an attorney who can walk you through the process. A legal professional will also represent you if you’re currently facing a lawsuit for a home that you sold. They’ll inform you of your rights and will work hard to make the outcome work in your favor.

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