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Set yourself up for long-term divorce satisfaction

Ending your marriage may be necessary if you have exhausted all other options for salvaging it. However, the divorce process can still be difficult. According to, even divorce professionals can struggle with unexpected challenges when dissolving their own unions.

Despite the short-term difficulties, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of long-term satisfaction with the outcome of your divorce.

Do not rush through the process

Because divorce is difficult, you may want to get it over with quickly. Try to resist the temptation to rush through the process. Otherwise, you may end up with an agreement that is not in your interest. Modifying a divorce agreement after the fact is more difficult than agreeing to one that meets your needs from the beginning.

Let go of resentment and anger

You probably have legitimate grievances against your ex-spouse, but if you hold onto the negative feelings that result, you end up hurting yourself and your children, if you have any. Find a way to forgive and let go. Seek help from a professional if you are not making any progress on your own.

Build a trusted support system

Because you no longer have your ex-spouse to rely on, family and friends may start to play an even more significant role in your life. Be sure that the people close to you are trustworthy as friends you had as a couple may feel torn, either siding with your ex-spouse or withdrawing from both of you.

If you have children, be sure that you pay attention to their needs and try to help them cope with the changes. Do not assume they are fine if they do not come to you to talk about what is happening.

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