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Exploring child support payment options

When it comes to providing financial support for children, parents should understand the various payment options available to them. Many parents pay support through income withholding, but some have to find other ways to fulfill child support obligations.

By finding the best payment method, it can become easier for parents to stay caught up and avoid serious consequences due to missing child support payments.

Online payments and money transfer services

The Florida Department of Revenue provides information on different child support payment methods, which might take between 1 and 7 days to process and can result in fees of up to 3.5%. First, the State Disbursement Unit offers an online portal, making it convenient to pay support. This secure and user-friendly platform lets people submit payments electronically using a debit or credit card. By visiting the website and following the instructions provided, parents can set up an account and make payments online.

Money transfer services offer another payment option to parents. These services are a convenient way to make child support payments in person at various authorized locations.

E-check payments

Florida also offers an e-check option for child support payments. This method allows parents to send payments directly from their checking or savings accounts. By providing the necessary banking information, parents can set up recurring or one-time payments using this secure and efficient method.

Parents should compare these methods and take different factors into account, such as processing times and fees. These payment options help ensure that children receive the financial support they need and make it easier for parents to fulfill child support obligations.

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