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What can make probate last longer?

Probate, the legal process of administering an estate after someone’s passing, is often a task that demands time and attention. On top of that, certain factors can significantly extend the duration of probate proceedings.

By shedding light on the complexities that heirs and beneficiaries may encounter during this process, you can better understand some problems you may face.

Poor estate planning

One of the primary causes of prolonged probate lies in inadequate estate planning. When someone leaves behind ambiguous or incomplete instructions regarding the distribution of their assets, the court needs to navigate through uncertainties.

The absence of a comprehensive will or trust can lead to disputes among heirs, resulting in extended probate proceedings as the court tries to ensure fair distribution. 35% of American adults in a survey say they experienced family problems and tension because of an unfinished will or estate plan.

Contested wills and disputes

Probate can be considerably prolonged when beneficiaries challenge the validity of a will or engage in disputes over the distribution of assets. Contested wills trigger legal battles, forcing the court to review the evidence and adding layers of complexity to the probate process. Resolving such conflicts can take months or even years, causing delays in the finalization of the estate.

Complex asset valuation

Valuing assets within an estate can become a tough process, especially when dealing with investments, real estate or business holdings. Accurate valuation is important for the fair distribution of assets among heirs. However, the complexity of certain assets may require expert opinions and assessments, contributing to the lengthening of the probate timeline.

Creditor claims and debt settlement

Outstanding debts and creditor claims are other factors that can delay probate. The court must review and settle these claims before giving the assets to beneficiaries. Navigating through debt resolution and creditor negotiations can extend the probate process.

You may feel overwhelmed at first when dealing with probate. When seeking a smoother and more efficient probate experience, you need to keep a cool head.

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