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License suspension due to unpaid child support

If you owe child support and have concerns about your ability to keep paying on time, or if you already owe unpaid child support, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the penalties that come with falling behind. In addition to the possibility of becoming held in contempt of court, as well as sustaining serious damage to your reputation, you could face other difficulties if you do not pay the support you owe.

For example, you could lose your driver’s license and other licenses.

Unpaid child support can lead to driver’s license suspension

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, if you fail to pay child support in accordance with a court order, you could have your driver’s license suspended. Before suspending your license, the state will send you a notice that asks you to reach out and go over your options.

You will have 20 days from the date listed on the notice to either pay in full, set up a payment agreement, file a petition to contest the action or prove that you receive unemployment, SSI, SSD or satisfy other conditions. If you fail to do so, the state will suspend your driver’s license.

Back child support and the loss of other licenses

In addition to losing your driver’s license, the state could also suspend your recreational, business or professional licenses over back child support. Before suspending these licenses, the state will send you a notice and give you 30 days to pay what you owe, make payment arrangements or file a petition in court.

License suspension could impact many aspects of your life, and you need to address back child support as soon as possible.

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