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Modifications Of Child Support & Alimony

Family law orders can be modified when there is a significant change in circumstances.

At the law firm of Burandt, Adamski, Feichthaler & Sanchez, PLLC, we help people obtain modifications in child support, alimony (spousal maintenance), child custody and visitation. Many such modifications are routine, and we can accomplish them efficiently and for a reasonable fee. Some modification cases are complex, however, and can require significant legal efforts.

A lawyer at our firm can review your situation and explain how we can help you. Contact Burandt, Adamski, Feichthaler & Sanchez, PLLC, today to schedule a consultation.

Modifying Child Support

In Florida, the level of child support is determined by statutory guidelines. Factors such as the incomes of the parents, the number of children, the number of overnights the children spend with the noncustodial parent and the children’s educational and health care needs will affect the required support level.

Our lawyers believe that no parent should receive less than the guidelines specify or pay more than the law requires. We will work diligently to achieve your desired goal.

A Cape Coral child support modification attorney at our firm can advise you. We serve clients throughout Southwest Florida, including Cape Coral, Naples, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers.

Alimony Modification Attorneys

We can seek to obtain a modification in alimony based on a significant change in income (either up or down) and other factors. Our many years of family law experience enable us to quickly identify the key issues in any situation and develop a plan to achieve the client’s goals.

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