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What is zoning?

When dealing with real estate in Florida, one concept you likely will run into is zoning. According to Property Metrics, zoning is the act of assigning areas of land o permitted uses. For example, authorities may assign a piece of land or an area of a specific county as residential. This means builder may build homes here, but businesses and agriculture may not be in this area. Some zoning may allow for mixed use. You may have seen such areas where residential homes and businesses are side by side.

Zoning laws may also regulate where a builder may build, such as how close to the road or to the neighboring structures. It may enforce stipulations, such as the insulation of specific ventilation or soundproofing. It is important to note local authorities handle zoning.

The reason for this process is to help produce harmony among neighbors, keep business in specific areas, ensure property rates stay steady and allow space for business and industry growth within a city or county. The goal is to zone land for the best possible use that benefits everyone.

You have to be aware of zoning regulations if you wish to build a structure or open a business. If you try to build a business is a residentially zoned area, you will face opposition and issues. In the end, the authorities will not allow you to open your business. The same is true for trying to build a home in a business district. It is not allowable under zoning laws. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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