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When a staff member takes legal action

In a post that was recently posted on our blog, we went over some of the consequences of business lawsuits. These potential challenges should not be ignored if you are facing litigation, and there may be other unique considerations that apply to a lawsuit you are facing as a business owner. For example, one of your staff members may have decided to file suit against your company and you may have no idea of how to handle the situation. As with other business lawsuits, these cases can also have serious repercussions and it is pivotal to prepare yourself.

Employees may file suit for all sorts of reasons. Some may claim that they were wrongly terminated or sexually harassed, while others may claim that they were subjected to discrimination or experienced some type of wage violation (denied overtime, etc.). In some instances, business owners can speak directly with staff members to resolve these disputes outside of the courtroom, which is often ideal. This is not an option on the table in many instances, however, and litigation may be unavoidable. If your business is being taken to court, make sure that every detail of the alleged incident is reviewed closely.

You should have a solid grasp of your options and the way in which this case will be handled. Moreover, when staff members file suit it may encourage other workers to take legal action as well, so it is especially important to not only secure a favorable outcome but prepare for what may lie ahead.

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