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Deciding how your estate will be split up

Creating an estate plan can be a tough decision for a variety of reasons, and people often struggle with unique issues depending on their circumstances. For example, some may need to include children in their estate plan, while others may have no kids but a significant amount of wealth. Making decisions related to beneficiaries can be one of the most challenging aspects of estate planning. Even once you know which type of estate plan to move forward with, you may have no idea how to distribute your assets among those who are close to you.

Naming beneficiaries and figuring out how your estate will be split up can be one of the hardest parts of estate planning for a number of reasons. Aside from having a tough time deciding how to distribute assets, the decisions you make at this point could have a significant impact on your family members in different ways. For example, there could be disagreement over the way in which you have decided to split up your estate and this could even lead to a dispute. Unfortunately, some disputes have become so contentious that they have torn families apart or created a permanent rift between family members.

Planning ahead is pivotal and may help you avoid some of these challenges. In other instances, it could be a good idea for you to talk with those you love about your decisions and try to address any concerns that surface. We cover other issues related to naming beneficiaries throughout our site.

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