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Why you should consider a postnuptial agreement

When Florida couples begin their married life, they look forward to achieving their joint plans and goals. They might just be starting out financially or they might each bring different assets into the marriage. However, couples might also encounter challenges that they need to face, which can sometimes threaten the health of their marriage. A postnup can help couples have a clear picture of their marital finances.

When challenging situations arise

Most marriages will face challenges that might make the spouses question whether they should remain together. Most of these challenges will involve financial consequences. A postnup can include detailed information on how couples will address these situations and how financial assets will be handled in those cases, including:

  • If one of the spouses struggles with drug or alcohol addiction
  • If one of the spouses has strayed from the marriage and committed an infidelity
  • If one of the spouses has a gambling problem or is consistently irresponsible with finances

When your financial situation changes

As the marriage progresses, the financial roles each spouse plays might change and a postnup is a good tool to address this, particularly when there was a prenup signed before the marriage. This might involve establishing parameters about alimony payments or other financial agreements between the spouses.

When you or your spouse begin a new business

In many cases, when a business begins after marriage, it is a marital asset. However, a business started with independent partners might require that a postnup outlines that the other spouse will not be involved in the business in case of divorce or death.

A postnup can be beneficial to married couples since it helps them establish not only how assets will be divided in case of divorce but also how certain issues within the marriage can be handled. Couples can consult with a family law attorney for information and guidance about drafting a postnup.

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