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Dividing property if there is no will

You may not be able to control when you pass away, but there are some things that you can do to plan for your death to take some of the burden off your family. One solution is to make a will with the assistance of an attorney in Florida. If you don’t make a will or you aren’t sure whom to leave your belongings to, there are some details to consider.


In the event that you don’t have a will established as a part of the estate planning process, then you would die intestate. The state then makes the decision as to how your belongings are divided. Your belongings include any money in your bank accounts as well as your home, land and automobiles. Your heirs will likely receive your belongings divided among them as equally as possible, but if there is something that you specifically want to designate to one person, then it’s important to have a will drawn and filed.

Family situations

There are a few situations that could impact how your belongings are divided if you die without a will in place. Your property and assets will go to your parents if you’re single when you die and have no children. If you’re married, then your spouse will usually get your property. It can also be split between your spouse and your parents. In the event that you aren’t married but have children, then your assets will typically be distributed among your children and parents.

Planning the details of your funeral and estate can be difficult without the help of a professional who is knowledgeable about various laws. An attorney may help you create a draft of a will based on the belongings and assets that you have and then file the will in court so that it’s legal.

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