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Protecting your organization with a succession plan

Owning a business in Florida involves a lot of moving parts and requires you to constantly think of the future. Inadequately planning for unforeseen circumstances could cause your organization to crumble under pressure.

A succession plan is an excellent way to fortify your company and increase its value and sustainability. Once implemented, a good strategy will require regular upkeep to maintain its function over time.

Encourages communication

Effective communication is a big part of operating a successful company. Respectful, purposeful and frequent dialogue between cohorts, across departments, and up and down the chain of command can increase efficiency and success. Developing and implementing your succession plan is not any different. According to Entrepreneur, you cannot expect a successor to effectively take control of your organization without communicating your expectations.

Once you identify successors to take over your duties in the future, be in constant communication with them. Discuss strategies, skills and expectations. Create resources for employee development to facilitate the creation of leaders you feel comfortable passing responsibilities to.

Improves adaptability

A thorough succession plan will also improve adaptability. Significant events, often unexpected, can paralyze your operations and stall success if not adequately planned for. While you cannot control everything that happens, taking a proactive approach to plan for your company’s well-being can improve its adaptability in unprecedented circumstances.

Key employees in your organization will appreciate having instructions and guidance. Creating a succession plan will take time. With the right help, you can put together a strategy that provides confidence for you and an opportunity for your company to continue growing.

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