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Can social media usage affect your divorce?

Social media is a way for family and friends to come together remotely, no matter where they are in the world. During a divorce, social media can also be a hostile place, especially if you and your spouse cannot see eye to eye.

Even worse, social media usage can negatively affect your divorce, to the point where you lose key battles because of your activities. Here are a few smart ways to avoid online strife and keep your divorce on the right track.

Do not share details of the divorce case

Social media is not the place for sharing private details of your divorce or the circumstances that led to it. Keep in mind that information posted online is admissible in court, which means your posts could potentially impact your case. For instance, if something you post contradicts a claim you made in court, it could alter the outcome of custody or asset division decisions.

Ensure privacy settings are strict

For most people, it is best to remove the friends and family of their former spouses from their social media feeds. Even if you have amicable relationships with these people, there is a chance that they will share details of your life with your ex-spouse. Additionally, make sure your social media uses the strictest privacy protocols to prevent others from accessing your information.

Consider closing accounts for the time being

For some people, it is best to leave social media while the divorce is ongoing. Doing so can spare you the negativity that often surrounds divorce cases, especially when contentious. Leaving social media can also prevent you from making a misstep that can possibly harm your case.

While it can be hard to walk away from loved ones, doing so may be in your best interest until the divorce process is over. At that point, you can rejoin social media and post freely without worries about possible fallout.

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