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Do you need to protect your business’s intellectual property?

Intellectual property is often an important part of a business. If you developed your own properties or have a special sales process, you need to protect these things.

Without proper protection, anyone could come along and steal your ideas. The only way to get protection is to file with the government.


Types of protection available include copyrights for written works, patents on inventions and trademarks for your business’s identifying logo. The government has specific agencies dedicated to providing you with the right applications and information you need to secure the right protection.


Do be aware that protection does have its limitations. Having protection within the United States may not help you worldwide. Some countries respect the US IP protections but others do not. You need to be careful when you take your business internationally to ensure you will still maintain protection. You may also need to file for IP safeguards within the countries where you will do business.

It is essential once you secure protection to understand how it works. You generally have to be proactive. You will have to file lawsuits to halt the use if you discover it. The main responsibility to protect your assets falls on you. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have an eye on the market to spot anyone trying to violate your legal rights.

Intellectual property is unique and valuable to a business. Not securing protection for it can be the downfall of your business. It opens the doors for others to damage your business’s reputation and steal your customer base.

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