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Unpaid child support and time-sharing

Whether you are a non-custodial parent who has to pay child support or you receive these payments as a custodial parent, it is pivotal to have a solid understanding of your rights as well as your obligations. It is also vital to thoroughly understand your obligations and rights if you have a time-sharing schedule, especially since some parents have misconceptions with respect to back child support and time-sharing.

When it comes to child support and other legal matters involving kids, such as parenting time, there is a lot at stake and the consequences of any violations can have a devastating impact.

Child support and time-sharing are separate issues

The Florida Senate states that if a parent falls behind on child support or alimony, the other party cannot deny the rights of the delinquent parent with regard to a time-sharing schedule. In addition, if a parent who owes child support cannot see their child in accordance with a time-sharing schedule, they must continue to pay court-ordered child support.

Parents have to remember that time-sharing and child support are separate matters, and you must abide by the terms of a court order.

The penalties for denied time-sharing

Parents who do not abide by the terms of a time-sharing schedule could face numerous consequences. The other party could receive additional time-sharing and the parent who violated the schedule could have to pay his or her legal costs. Additionally, parents who violate time-sharing schedules sometimes have to perform community service and take part in parenting classes.

Time-sharing violations can even lead to the modification of a parenting plan and contempt of court charges.

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