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How to prepare for a child custody hearing

Many parents get anxious because they have to attend a child custody hearing in Florida. However, they may feel better about it if they know what to expect. Here are some of the things that individuals should do to prepare for a child custody hearing.

Have the right documents to avoid a delay

It’s not uncommon for some child custody cases to be delayed because one parent didn’t have all of the necessary documents with them. Not only can this unnecessarily draw out child-custody proceedings, but some judges may rule in favor of the other parent if they don’t want to deal with a delay. Some parents may need to bring documents like proof of any child support that has been paid, phone logs of them talking to the other parent or medical-related information such as copies of insurance premium payments.

Learn about the proceedings

Many individuals are surprised how the proceedings of a child custody agreement take place if they’ve never been to one before. There is no jury, and a judge will often make a ruling after they have spoken to each individual. Many of these hearings can be completed very quickly if both parents have already come to an agreement about a child-custody arrangement.

Read about the state laws beforehand

Laws surrounding child custody vary in each state. This is why it’s imperative that both parents read about these family law before attending the child custody hearing. It will give them a good idea about what their rights are and the type of arrangement they can ask for.

Going to a child custody hearing for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Parents can can alleviate some of the anxiety that they are feeling about it by preparing for it ahead of time.

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