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Elder Law

As we get older, many of us face difficult and important decisions regarding our health care and financial welfare. We are lawyers who help families protect their assets and plan for the future through the use of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, guardianships, living wills and health care directives.

Among the many things we have learned from over 40 years of elder law practice for Florida clients and their families is that we must all prepare for what may be the most challenging time in our lives: those “twilight years” when our ability to do for ourselves diminishes and we begin to depend on others.

Do Not Wait For A Crisis

Very few people are fully prepared for this time of life. Some of us wait for the kind of crisis in which children or others are asked to step in and assist. Unfortunately, most people have little or no experience coping with these unique, challenging situations.

We Assist The Elderly And Their Family Members In Cape Coral, Florida, And Surrounding Areas

If you are coping with this difficult problem at this difficult time, we have a few words of basic advice for you and your family:

  • Protect your assets and keep your peace of mind.
  • The homestead, often an elderly person’s most valuable asset, cannot be attacked by creditors during or after death if handled properly.
  • Learn Medicaid qualification rules before you need nursing home care.
  • Do not give assets to others to avoid probate or administration after death. Elders need assets to live and maintain their self-respect.
  • Make a will or trust with which to pass property on after death. Do not simply give your money to someone else and trust them to use it properly.
  • Make a power of attorney for your property and give a durable power of attorney only to a trusted person.
  • Name a health care surrogate to make your health care decisions if you cannot make them for yourself.
  • Make a living will to allow for a dignified passing.

Our advice does not end there. During your initial consultation, we will be discussing other compelling aspects of elder law, like guardianships. Your elderly relative, friend or loved one will be glad you took the time to attend to these vital matters so thoroughly and unselfishly. Be in touch with our Cape Coral law office today.

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