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Ancillary Probate Administration

If your loved one owned real estate in another state, you will most likely encounter ancillary probate administration issues. Ancillary probate administration is probate that is completed in a state other than the state where the decedent lived at death.

If you have questions regarding the probate process or what to do when a loved one passes away while owning real property in another state, contact our Florida law firm, Burandt, Adamski, Feichthaler & Sanchez, PLLC, for a free initial consultation. We will answer all your questions regarding the most effective and efficient ways to resolve your concerns.

Resolving Real Estate And Probate Matters

Th ancilary probate process applies to real estate only. For example, if a person owns real estate in New York, but lived in Florida, there would be an ancillary probate administration in New York.

If you are administering the estate of a loved one and are having ancillary probate administration issues, we can be of service. As probate attorneys in Florida, we have handled numerous cases involving these same matters and know what to do to resolve your issues quickly and effectively.

Types Of Probate Administration

The type of administration necessary to transfer the decedent’s assets to the beneficiaries varies with the value of the estate and the necessity to appoint an administrator:

  • Formal administration: For estates greater than $75,000 or for estates where an administrator is needed, a formal administration is required. A personal representative will be appointed who gathers assets, pays bills and conducts all other activities necessary to complete the process. The entire formal administration could take five to eight months.
  • Summary administration: For estates less than $75,000 or where the individual has been deceased for more than two years, a summary administration may take place. Summary administrations are simpler and no administrator need be appointed. The court will usually distribute the property directly to the beneficiaries, assuming there is no conflict involved.

  • Family administration: This administration is available but rarely used because of its limited scope.

No matter what type of administration you need guidance with, we will be by your side to answer all of your questions.

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